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Bionic News

James Kuhoric Writes a Commentary on The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 2

SPOILERS: We cannot stress enough that you should read The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six Issues 1 and 2 before clicking through and reading James Kuhoric's commentary.

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When in Palm Springs, do as the Palm Springy-ins do

Lindsay Wagner will present Lynda Carter with her own Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on May 10th, 2014.

Zica Toys Releases Pics for Their Upcoming Action Figures

Take a gander at the backing cards for Zica's new Oscar Goldman, Seven Million Dollar Man, and Rudy Wells action figures.

Preview: The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 2

Steve Austin is back in action with an all new issue of classic bionic adventure! An alien menace takes its first steps on Earth while a government conspiracy has led to the closure of the Bionics Program, forcing Oscar Goldman to reassign his most valuable agents. And while Steve confronts a dangerous new Cold War technology, MASKATRON faces off against the Seven Million Dollar Man! Welcome back to the age of bionic action with the return of the original Six Million Dollar Man!

Cyborgs - A Bionic Podcast: Case Files 03 - Guerin Barry

A new Case File focuses on actor, voiceover artist, and professional whistler Guerin Barry. Guerin talks about his role on The Bionic Woman as the voice of the Alex 7000 computer in the episode, "Doomsday is Tomorrow". In addition, he talks about his time with the group Sha Na Na, his appearances in various movies and television shows, his career as a professional whistler, plus a whole lot more.

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Video: Lindsay Wagner Interviewed on "Mornings"

Video: Dragoncon 2013 Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man Part 3

Video: Dragoncon 2013 Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man Part 2

Video: Dragoncon 2013 Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man Part 1

The Bionic Woman's Jogging Suit Over the Years.

Paul K Bisson of has created a graphic depicting Jaime's Jogging Suit over the course of the show's run.

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Covers: A Look at Four Covers for Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 4

This series is clearly shaping up to be a Bionic Fan's dream come true.

Covers: Ken Haeser Cover for Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 4

Covers: The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 1 Second Printing

The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six # 1 has sold out, so Dynamite Comics is going back to press for a second printing.

Cyborgs - A Bionic Podcast: "The Deadly Test" with Guest Pal Clay Dugger

Steve agrees to serve his Air Force Reserve duty requirement by acting as temporary commandant for the Edward Air Force Base Flight Academy. A number of mechanical problems occur to both military and commercial flights in and around the area of the base. When Steve discovers the problems are tied into his own bionic malfunctions, he must figure out quickly who is behind these failures and ultimately, who is their target.

Joining John and Paul to see if "The Deadly Test" passes or fails is The Podcast Cowboy himself, Clay Dugger.

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PlaidStallions Counts Off The Six Greatest Bionic Man Knock Off Toys

The Kenner Six Million Dollar Man toy line is one of the most memorable and successful toy lines of the 1970s.

With the bright light of big sales, you attract a few moths. A lot of competitors come and try to "cut your grass" as a former boss of mine would say, as the list goes on we'll see it gets more and more blatant.

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