Interview: Lee Majors - Toronto Sun

It's on YouTube for all the world to hear -- Lee Majors as bionic man Steve Austin, singing a song called Sweet Jaime, hitting enough notes to make a decent batting average in baseball at least.

"Uh oh, I go 'ouch' when someone brings that up," says the artist formerly known as The Six Million Dollar Man. "That was from the first show she (Jaime Sommers, later The Bionic Woman) was in.

"We had done a year or so of filming and I told the writers and producers, 'Look, it's been a year and a bit, 27 shows, and I haven't had a love interest. I'm tired of looking at you hairy-legged girls.

"So we came up with the idea of a girlfriend, and Lindsay Wagner was cast. I went ahead and wrote a song for it, and I never thought they'd actually use it."

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